My story – Macro Four, Australia

I had the usual case of T2DM that is a chronic progressive disease diagnosed around 2010. My medicines increased over the years to more and more metformin then januvia and finally I was put on sulphonylureas.

My doctor said to look at my diet but I knew all that low-fat stuff. I agreed to look at it but was really despondent because I followed the low-fat diet stuff that the Diabetes Organisations told us.

After my consultation, I went for an immunisation. The practice nurse asked me what medications I was on. When I told her, she said to look at I went home and looked at it and thought this seems to make sense!

Within 3 months my HbA1c dropped from 9% to 6% and I came off all medications. Today, 22 months later my HbA1c is 5.6% and I continue to improve.

I was heading towards complications and early death and now I know I will see my children grow up. Why oh why did nobody offer that option to me for six years while I suffered risk and complications?